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Make Organized Travel Easier with Las Vegas Bus Sales

Make Organized Travel Easier with Las Vegas Bus Sales

At Las Vegas Bus Sales, seamless travel is our forte, and our buses are engineered to handle any kind of group travel. Below are just a few instances where group travel can be made easier through the purchase of a coach or shuttle bus.

Group Homes

Activity coordinators have the challenging task of organizing the smooth transport of residents from retirement communities, assisted living communities and the like, to their chosen destinations. Many of these individuals become sensitive to the changes that this process encompasses, especially without a routine plan in place. But with reliable transportation that is handicapped accessible, the process becomes easier because it is one less thing you need to worry about.

Sports Teams

Shuttling around a 13-man collegiate basketball team, with the addition of a coaching staff, can get chaotic. With speedy game play and little recovery time, we understand that you want to make sure your team gets from point A to point B as swiftly as possible. We offer coach buses for sale that can transport up from 14 to 35 people. Traveling to an out-of-town tournament? Our buses are spacious enough for family members and friends to enjoy the long ride.

Tourist Travel

Do you own a group tour company? Are you a hotel that offers this perk to your guests? Then your business relies heavily on transportation. Allow your guests to enjoy the sights and attractions of our beautiful and entertaining country of Nevada in a bus equipped with the luxuries of home.

Las Vegas Bus Sales arranges on-site drop-offs or pickups of your new or used bus, regardless of location. Call us at 877-456-9804 today!

In Hawaii, Old Buses Will Become Mobile Homeless Shelters

In Hawaii, Old Buses Will Become Mobile Homeless Shelters

Honolulu has a homelessness problem, and state officials are tackling it in an unconventional and extremely resourceful way. With the help of architecture firm Group 70 International, the state plans to retrofit a fleet of retired city buses and deploy them as roving homeless shelters throughout Honolulu. Each bus will serve a different purpose; one… Continue Reading