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The Spirit 21 has seating options from 11 seated passengers plus room for luggage, all the way to 15 seated passengers, and anything you can imagine in between.




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Click to View 13 Passenger Fully Seated Floor Plan





Spirit 21 Double Door - 13 Passenger Rear Luggage


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 13 Passenger Rear Luggage
  • 12 Rear Passnger Seats
  • Seperate Rear Luggage Compartment 
  • High Back Reclining Driver And Copilot Seats


This Federal shuttle bus has its own separate compartment in the rear of the bus for luggage or cargo. Having a separate area in the back that is well lit and secure will allow the passengers to rest easy knowing that their cargo is safe and sound. This will allow for the passengers to disembark and then re-seat themselves without having to unload and then load their luggage. The rear door is an important feature because it allows the passengers and cargo to be loaded independently of each other. This will not only make load and unload times easier, this will also reduce the number of trips, falls and spills that may occur in the passenger area. Making use of the ever popular double door construction technique, this bus also allows room for a co-pilot in addition to the driver for added safety and convenience. Perfect for small to medium groups, this minibus should be at the top of your list.
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