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Mexico Buses For Sale

Buses For Sale Available to Customers In Sinaloa Mexico

Transport clients, customers and all your guests with new and used coach and shuttle buses for sale in Sinaloa, Mexico. With many different types, models, makes, brands and sizes to choose, we make it easy to find the right transport for your needs. We have many new and used vehicles available, so you can find the ideal vehicle at a price that suits your budget. 
If you are looking for a large van or a small bus with plenty of room for luggage, take a look at our shuttle buses or transit buses for sale. Shuttle buses and transit buses generally seat between 14 and 30 passengers, with luggage space in the back. These buses provide a comfortable ride for shorter trips and tours or longer rides with multiple stops. For longer journeys with more passengers, take a look at the coach buses for sale. Coach buses seat between 50 and 60 people, with many models equipped with a lavatory to make long trips easier and more comfortable. Coach buses also provide more room for luggage, with space underneath the bus for suitcases and space overhead for parcels and bags. 
Call or send a message to Las Vegas Bus Sales to learn more about new and used coach and shuttle buses for sale in Sinaloa, Mexico. 

Mexico Used Buses For Sale
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Mexico Used Buses For Sale 

 Used Buses for Sale in Mexico


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