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The Spirit 23 has seating options from 15 seated passengers plus 2 wheelchairs, all the way to 21 seated passengers, and anything you can imagine in between.



Click to View 21 Passenger Fully Seated Floor Plan


Click to View 20 Passenger Convertible Seating Floor Plan


Click to View 20 Passenger Fully Seated Floor Plan


Click to View 19 Passenger Convertible Seating Floor Plan


Click To View 17 Passenger Rear Luggage Floor Plan


Click To View 16 Passengers Plus 1 Wheelchair, or 12 Passengers Plus 2 Wheelchairs Floor Plan


Click to View 16 Passengers Rear Luggage  Floor Plan


Click to View 15 Passengers Plus 1 Wheelchair or 11 Passengers Plus 2 Wheelchairs Floor Plan




Spirit 23 Single Door - 21 Passenger High Capacity


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 21 Passenger High Capacity
  • 21 Rear Passenger Seats
  • Designed For High Capacity 
  • High Back Reclining Drivers Seat 


 Although the most attention goes to the amenities that are provided for the passengers, the drivers have not been forgotten in the design of these buses. Air bags are standard, as well as seatbelts, to make the driver as safe as possible. Some features that are common on newer cars but have not always been standard on buses, such as tilt steering, cd player, am/fm radio, power door locks and windows, and adjustable delay wiper systems are standard on this platform. This makes the driver feel more at home and, especially on long trips, will ensure fatigue doesn�t set in too quickly. For long trips on the highway or freeway, a cruise control speed control system has been installed and is now standard equipment. A feature like this will provide more comfort to the driver, and will typically increase fuel economy, and decrease consumption thereby saving money.
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