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Bus For Sale in Florida FL

Buses for Sale to Customers in Florida

Companies looking for buses for sale in Florida may at first find the idea of shipping a bus across the country to seem crazy but we have people do it all the time! The buses we have for sale are normally available with no rust which puts you well ahead of the game when considering used buses for sale. Anywhere from Pensacola to the Keys, Miami to Orlando, bus buying does not have to be hard. We ship buses to all parts of Florida and with our low pricing, you are sure to get a great deal even after the cost of getting your bus back home.
Buses For Sale in Florida FL
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Buses for Sale in Florida FL

Florida, which joined the Union as the 27th state in 1845, is nicknamed the Sunshine State and known for its balmy climate and natural beauty. Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon (1460-1521), who led the first European expedition to Florida in 1513, named the state in tribute to Spain's Easter celebration known as "Pascua Florida," or Feast of Flowers. During the first half of the 1800s, U.S. troops waged war with the region's Native American population. During the Civil War (1861-65), Florida was the third state to secede from the Union. Beginning in the late 19th century, residents of Northern states flocked to Florida to escape harsh winters. In the 20th century, tourism became Florida's leading industry and remains so today, attracting millions of visitors annually. Florida is also known for its oranges and grapefruit, and some 80 percent of America's citrus is grown there.


Used Buses For Sale in Florida FL

Tourism and Key Industries
As early as the 1870s, Americans living in Northern parts of the nation started visiting or moving to Florida in order to escape cold weather and enjoy the state's warm climate, numerous sandy beaches and natural beauty. The invention of the automobile in the early part of the 20th century helped bring more people to Florida, and following World War II (1939-45), tourism became the state's top industry. Among the Sunshine State's most popular attractions are Walt Disney World, SeaWorld, Kennedy Space Center, Busch Gardens and Everglades National Park. In 2008, some 84 million visitors flocked to Florida.

Agriculture is another leading industry in the Sunshine State. Citrus, including oranges, grapefruit and some specialty fruits, have been grown commercially in Florida since the mid-19th century. After Brazil, Florida is the world's biggest orange producer, and more grapefruit are grown in the state than anywhere else on the planet. 

Other key industries in Florida, America's fourth most-populated state, include construction, financial and high-tech services and health technology.

We proudly sell buses to all of Florida including, Coach Buses Shuttle Buses School Buses Transit Buses and even New Buses. To see our entire selection of buses for sale please check here - New and Used Buses for Sale. We regularly sell and deliver buses to these cities in Florida, just to name a few, MiamiOrlando and Tampa.

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