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Prevost Car Inc. has a long history full of interesting twists and turns.


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 Prevost Models Include:


  • Le Normand
  • Travelair
  • Panaramique
  • Champion
  • Prestige
  • Champion Conversion Shell
  • Le Mirage
  • Le Mirage Conversion Shell
  • Prevost XL
  • Le Mirage XL
  • XL-45
  • H3-40
  • H3-41
  • H3-45
  • H5-60
  • XLII/XL2
  • X3-45
  • Volvo 9700


Prevost Models, History and Facts


Prevost H3-45



Prevost Car Inc. is a bus company that has been around since 1924.  Prevost has a long standing history of success.  This is because of their attention to detail in all facets of bus building.





Prevost Historical Outline

  • 1924 Eugene Prevost built his first coach
  • 1937 Eugene Prevost built his first manufacturing facility
  • 1945 The first Prevost metal body and frame bus was built
  • 1947 The company name was operated under the name Les Ateliers Prevost
  • 1957 The company made major changes to move out of the cabinet making business to focus on producing Buses
  • 1957 The silver-sided Le Normand was the first air suspension diesel engine Prevost bus was produced
  • 1961 The 25 foot Travelair was used for airport shuttle runs and short intercity runs
  • 1961 The 40 foot Panoramique intercity coach was built with large side windows and improved air suspension
  • 1967 The first integral structure Prevost Champion was introduced
  • 1967 Prevost´┐Żs first US bus dealership was opend in New Jersey
  • 1968 The Prevost Prestige was introduced
  • 1969 A major partnership started with Prevost that would continue until 1996
  • 1970 The first Prevost car Champion motorhome shell was produced
  • 1976 The Le Mirage was introduced
  • 1978 The Le Mirage conversion shell was started
  • 1980 The Prevost plant was expanded to meet the increased demand
  • 1984 The first 102 inch wide Prevost were produced
  • 1985 The H5-60 was first introduced
  • 1989 The 40 foot version of the H3 series bus introduced
  • 1993 The H3-41, H3-45 and the H3-45 VIP coaches were introduced
  • 1995 Prevost Car Inc. was acquired by Volvo Bus Corporation
  • 1995 The XL-45 was introduced
  • 1997 Prevost qualified for ISO 9001 certification
  • 1997 Prevost introduced frameless windows
  • 1998 Prevost qualified for ISO 14001 certification
  • 2000 Production of the XLII was started
  • 2002 Prevost H-Series received a facelift
  • 2003 Prevost introduced an interchangeable wheelchair lift
  • 2004 The XLII received a facelift
  • 2004 Xenon headlights were now used on Prevost coaches
  • 2005 Multiplex electrical system were introduced to Prevost
  • 2006 The X3-45 production was launched
  • 2009 Prevost launched the Volvo 9700 bus line
  • 2009 The H-Series received another facelift


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