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 Van Hool Coaches and Buses For Sale
 Van Hool Coaches and Buses For Sale  
Having a good selection of Van Hool touring coaches is one of our highest priorities. We strive to have multiple rust free Vanhool buses for sale available for your viewing. Our staff is knowledgeable about all passenger transportation options and we pride ourselves on being the most valuable resource for any consumer looking to buy a Van Hool or any other type of bus for sale. Please call us or email us for more information. Vanhool or an bus questions can be emailed to Van Hool Buses and Coaches For Sale or call us toll free at 1-877-456-9804
Here are some examples of Van Hool Coach Buses that we are selling or have sold in the past:  van-hool-bus-delivery-

Van Hool builds a variety of buses typically ranging from 40 feet to 45 feet that seat anywhere from 49 passengers on up to 58 passengers.

Recent models are typically the Van Hool T2100 series or the C2000 Series. Buses can be ordered new with seating from 49 passengers to 58 passengers.

It is very interesting that you may pay more for the new Touring Coach (T2140 or T2145) than the New Commuter Coach ( C2045) because when it comes to updating your bus and trading then in, the Vanhool Commuter Coach (C2045) will bring you more money than the Touring Coaches (T2140 and T2145). Van Hool builds a high quality luxury touring passenger coach bus that has an appealing European look which many transportation companies utilize in their bus fleets.

Vanhool first came to the US from Europe with the T800 series that seated 49 passengers and was 40 feet long. In the early to mid 1990s, when the highway restrictions started allowing 45 foot passenger buses, Van Hool introduced the T800 845. This was a milestone for the US sector of Van Hool because the new 45 foot coach buses were able to seat up to 58 passengers and still have tons of passenger luggage space! Vanhool then introduced the T900 (T940 and T945) series that added passenger amenities that eventually led to what the T2100 series is now.

If you are a real bus enthusiast, you may recall the Vanhool T809 which in were only 35 feet long and seated 33 to 35 passengers. There was even a T815 which was 40 feet long. These buses featured sometimes featured a MAN center mounted turbo diesel engine. Vanhool eventually moved to this MAN engine to a Cummins and even Detroit.

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