In our inventory, Las Vegas Bus Sales carries a large selection of new and used airport shuttle buses for sale at a wide range of mileage, passenger limits, and price points. Whether you are an airport employee or operate a parking facility off-site, our shuttle and transit buses are perfect for aviation transportation.

Airport Shuttles for Sale in Las Vegas

Based in beautiful Las Vegas, our company carries a limited stock of airport shuttles with passenger capacities between 9 and 50. We offer financing opportunities as well as excellent customer service for finding the perfect vehicle.

Maximize Parking Lot Efficiency with Shuttle Buses

The last thing you want as an airport is a reputation for traffic jams and bottlenecks. On-campus shuttle buses help prevent overcrowding with easy access to the terminal for vehicles parking in various lots around the airport.

Shuttle Buses to Assist with Luggage and Wheelchairs

We sell shuttle buses with wheelchair access and plenty of room for storage to accommodate passengers with large amounts of luggage or limited mobility. School Buses can also be converted into wheelchair accessible vehicles!

Expand Beyond the Campus with Transportation Buses

For property owners outside of the airport, a parking lot and shuttle can begin a very profitable endeavor. Regardless of airport affiliation, shuttle services of all kinds can find great prices in our selection of large passenger coach buses.

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Las Vegas Bus Sales has a large inventory of shuttle and trolley buses perfect for airports and other large parking areas. Commercial bus financing is available, and our entire selection of shuttles and other vehicles can be seen online. For additional information, feel free to contact us online, or, give us a call at 877-456-9804.