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Should I Wear a Seatbelt on a Bus?

close up of a bus seat belt

Experience and research have taught the modern world that wearing a seat belt when driving or riding in a car is an imperative safety measure. The impact of seat belts on vehicle safety is so significant that it is mandatory in all states to wear one while in a car as both a driver and passenger. But what about the bus? Rarely do you hop on the metro or a school bus to a group of securely buckled-in passengers. Have you ever wondered why that is? When you sit on a bus and move the seat belt out of the… Read more »

3 Party Bus Tips to Help You Have the Best Experience

group of people celebrating on party bus

A party bus is a fun and unique way to celebrate any occasion. Whether it’s a birthday, bachelorette party, wedding, or just a night on the town with friends, party buses offer a safe, convenient way to get around without disrupting the festivities. Like any special event, you’ll need to prepare a little ahead of time to ensure everything goes smoothly. Start with these tips to get the most out of your party bus rental. 1) Plan Your Route in Advance Decide where you and your group want to go before you get the party started, and communicate the details… Read more »

Don’t Ignore These Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Bus

old, worn school bus seats

Buses serve many necessary and lucrative purposes in various businesses and organizations. They’re essential for school districts and public transportation organizations. They can also be big draws for venues, such as hotels or event properties, that offer shuttle service to patrons. Party bus companies and restaurants with food trucks often depend on buses, too. But just like any vehicle, a bus doesn’t last forever. That’s why it’s important to monitor its condition and act quickly when it becomes unsafe for passengers or starts costing more money than it’s worth. If you’re dealing with any of the bus problems below, it… Read more »

The Ultimate Guide to Summer Camp Transportation: Choosing the Right Bus for Your Needs

Summer camp, portrait; children with board in park together for fun, bonding or playing in outdoors.

Summer camps offer children an unforgettable experience and a chance to make lasting friendships and memories. A crucial aspect of organizing a successful summer camp is providing reliable and comfortable transportation for campers. Choosing the right bus is vital to ensure the journey is as enjoyable and safe as the camp itself. Here’s your ultimate guide to selecting the perfect bus for summer camp transportation! Capacity and Size The first step in choosing the right bus is determining the number of passengers. Consider the size of your group, including both campers and staff. A might be sufficient for smaller groups, while… Read more »

Managing Bad School Bus Behavior: How to Keep Kids Under Control

kids smiling and waving on school bus

Riding the school bus is a fun and enriching experience for children of all ages. It teaches kids responsibility, helps them become more independent, and allows them to make friends and just be kids for 20 minutes before and after school. It comes as no surprise, however, that when you throw a bunch of kids into one confined space, they can sometimes get a little rowdy. While children should be able to enjoy their time on the bus, behavior that is too rambunctious can distract the driver and jeopardize the safety of everyone on board. If drivers in your school bus fleet complain of rebellious or unruly… Read more »

5 School Bus Technologies to Upgrade Your Fleet

New and Used School Buses for Sale in Las Vegas, NV

Thanks to technological advancements, classrooms today look very different from what they did even a decade ago. Chalkboards have been replaced with smart boards, workbooks with tablets, homework bins with online drop boxes, and much more. These innovations in accessible technology have greatly enhanced the learning experience for students and instructors. New technologies are going beyond just the classroom though. In fact, we’ve taken them all the way to the school bus! If you’re looking to take your school bus fleet to the next level, here are a few of the top technological features you should consider investing in. 1) Wi-Fi Internet access has quickly moved from a luxury… Read more »

These Are the Top Features Travelers Want in a Coach Bus

inside view of coach bus

Businesses in the bus travel industry have much to compete with. With options like flying, high-speed trains, and the latest private vehicle models, you have to constantly find ways to convince travelers to choose you and your buses for their transportation needs. Many bus manufacturers are responding to this rise in competition by finding ways to outfit new models (and upgrade used ones) with the same modern amenities passengers enjoy on those other modes of transportation. Here are the top coach bus features that matter to long-distance travelers the most! Air Conditioning Can you imagine spending 8 hours inside a bus… Read more »

4 Etiquette Tips for Your Charter Bus Trip

Charter Buses for Sale in Las Vegas, NV

When it comes to group travel, a bus is one of the most efficient transportation options. Buses make it easy to keep everyone together, adhere to an organized tour or travel schedule, and are better for the environment and your wallet! If you’re using a charter bus to make a long-distance trip or go sightseeing in a new city, you must respect the vehicle, fellow passengers, driver, and other staff members onboard. Abide by the following charter bus etiquette tips to ensure your whole group’s experience is unforgettable for all the right reasons! 1) Pack a Light Carry-On Bag One of the… Read more »

Spring Break Travel: Maximizing Your Bus Fleet’s Earnings During Peak Season

Colorful kayak and paddleboard paddles leaning against a woody bus for spring break trip

Spring break is a bustling time for the travel industry, with countless travelers seeking convenient and reliable transportation options for their vacations and getaways. This season presents a golden opportunity for bus fleet operators to maximize earnings and enhance service offerings. Here’s how to make the most of the spring break peak season! Understand Your Market Identifying popular destinations and understanding the specific needs of spring break travelers is crucial. Whether college students are heading to beach resorts or families are planning road trip adventures, tailoring your routes and services to meet these demands can significantly boost your bookings. Enhance… Read more »

Why You Should Add A Coach Bus to Your Fleet

Used Coach Buse for Sale in Las Vegas

When you work in the bus travel industry, plenty of options exist to build your fleet. With so many different types of buses to consider—school buses, trolley and transit buses, coach buses, shuttle buses, minibuses, etc.—it can be difficult to decide which ones are worth the investment since they all serve different purposes. As one of the country’s leading providers of new and used buses, we at Las Vegas Bus Sales have learned that no successful fleet is complete without a coach bus, and here’s why! Appeal to a Wide Variety of Clients Coach buses can seat anywhere from 36-60 passengers comfortably. This spacious… Read more »