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2019 Ford Starlite Transit 14 Passenger - S31748

Passengers: 14
In Stock

2019 Ford Starlite Transit 14 Passenger - S26795

Passengers: 14
In Stock

2019 Ford Starcraft Starlite 8 Passenger + 2 Wheelchairs Shuttle Bus - 19074

Passengers: 10
WA STATE SPEC - Arriving in September

2019 Ford Starcraft Prodigy 14 Passenger - 19063

Passengers: 14
Arriving Early August

2019 Ford F-650 Starcraft Allstar XL Shuttle Bus - S03112

Passengers: 37 + Rear Luggage
In Stock

2019 Ford Elkhart Custom Designs - 24 Passenger w/Rear Luggage - 19054

Passengers: 24
On Order / Due Late August

2019 Dodge Grand Caravan - Advantage RE ADA Van - S58326

Passengers: 4
Rear Ramp Van In Stock

2018 Dodge RAM Promaster 2500 High Roof ADA Van - S29942

Passengers: 9
In Stock / ADA Rear Ramp - 4 Wheelchairs

2016 Ford Goshen 14 Passenger + Rear Luggage Shuttle Bus - S19056

Passengers: 14
Only 49k Miles Many More Available

2016 Ford Goshen 14 Passenger + Rear Luggage Shuttle Bus - S11432

Passengers: 14
Only 50k Miles Many More Available
Sale Pending

2016 Ford Goshen 14 Passenger + Rear Luggage Shuttle Bus - S11017

Passengers: 14
Only 75k Miles Many More Available

2015 Ford Goshen 14 Passenger + Rear Luggage Shuttle Bus - S27831

Passengers: 14
Only 74k Miles Many More Available

2014 Ford Starcraft Allstar 14 Passenger ADA Shuttle Bus - S46522

Passengers: 12 Passengers plus 2 Wheelchairs
Only 17k Miles

2013 Ford Starcraft Allstar 16 + 2 ADA Shuttle Bus - S72801

Passengers: 20 Passengers or 16 + 2 Wheelchairs

2013 Ford Champion Crusader 12 Passenger Shuttle Bus - S28836

Passengers: 12 Pax or 9 Passengers + 2 Wheelchairs
Only 31k Miles

2011 Ford Glaval 14 Passenger Interior Luggage Shuttle Bus - S97203

Passengers: 14
14 PAX w/ Big Interior Luggage

2011 Ford Elkhart 12 Passenger + 2 Wheelchair Shuttle Bus - S07189

Passengers: 12 Passengers plus 2 Wheelchairs
14 PAX or 12 Passengers + 2 Wheelchairs

2010 Ford Startrans 16 + 2 ADA Shuttle Bus for Sale - S97588

Passengers: 18
Wheelchair Accessible

2010 Ford Eldorado Aerotech 15 Passenger ADA Shuttle Bus - S78921

Passengers: 15
4 Wheelchair Positions

2007 Chevrolet Glaval 21 RL Shuttle Bus for Sale - S24253

Passengers: 21
Equipped with Rear Luggage Area

If you are a part of a church, school, work or sports group that does a lot of traveling around on a regular basis, then you probably know just how uncomfortable it can be to ride in a cramped vehicle that doesn’t provide you with enough space. Sometimes it can even be enough to make you second-guess whether or not you actually want to be a part of that group. Las Vegas Bus Sales can solve that problem for you by providing your group with a shuttle bus that will fit everyone in your group comfortably.

We have tons of passenger buses for sale and would be more than happy to show you all of the shuttle buses that would work best for your organization. We have both new and used shuttle buses for sale, so we promise we will have a great option for you in our inventory.

The shuttles buses that are available through Las Vegas Bus Sales come in many different shapes and sizes. We have passenger buses for sale from companies like Champion, Supreme, Starcraft and more. These vehicles can hold anywhere from 10 people up to almost 40 people, and they will do so while keeping your shuttle bus passengers as comfortable as they can be.

Shuttle buses are a convenient choice for getting around a large campus or driving from one site to another in the same area, and are less expensive than using full-sized buses for frequent local or short-distance trips.

Whether you buy one of the shuttles buses for sale from us new or used, it will be clean and well maintained. Many of our buses also come with features and conveniences like air conditioning and wheelchair lifts, and we have a number of model years and colors available to choose from.

Las Vegas Bus Sales prides itself on going the extra mile for our shuttle bus customers, and that means that we can either arrange for you to pick up one of our shuttle buses from us or have it delivered to you. Our shuttle buses for sale can be sent anywhere in the U.S., in addition to Mexico and Canada. You’re sure to love just how easy a new bus can make getting around, and with our large selection of both new and used shuttle buses to choose from, you’ll love our options and our prices!

Shop the full inventory of passenger buses for sale through Las Vegas Bus Sales today online or call us at 877-456-9804 to begin your search.