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New & Used Buses for Sale

At Las Vegas Bus Sales, we understand that the needs of every individual, business, and organization looking for a vehicle are going to be unique. That’s why we’ve curated and continue to build an inventory of new and used buses that can meet a wide range of needs and preferences.

We carry a variety of brands, makes, and models, all with different combinations of essential and special features. All pre-owned buses are also in premier condition, if you’re looking for something as good as new for a smaller price tag. Our facility is located in Las Vegas, but we can deliver our new and used buses anywhere in the U.S., and even Mexico or Canada.

Shuttle Buses for Sale

Shuttle buses from Las Vegas Bus Sales are available in many different sizes and styles, and with various functional and interior features. From compact models to larger executive vehicles, one of our shuttle buses could be perfect for your small to medium sized organization or as an addition to your bus service.

Coach Buses for Sale

For those companies and groups in need of a larger capacity vehicle or more luxurious travel experience, we’ve got a coach bus that can do the job right. A commute, trip, or tour on one of our highway coach buses is sure to be a safe and comfortable journey your passengers won’t soon forget.

School Buses for Sale

The safe and efficient design of a school bus makes it an ideal transportation solution for all different groups. Whether you need a couple of additional vehicles for a district fleet, transportation for your sporting organization, or even want to transform it into a home on wheels, our new and used school bus inventory can provide what you need.

Transit & Trolley Buses for Sale

Public transportation is an essential component to the function of many cities and locales all across the country. Our transit and trolley buses can help you meet public transit demand, and go above and beyond to offer passengers a safe and enjoyable experience commuting with your organization.

Shop the full inventory of new and used buses for sale from Las Vegas Bus Sales online today. If you need more information about any of our vehicles or would like to visit our bus yard to see them in person, give us a call at 877-456-9804 and one of our specialists will be happy to help!