The beauty of Alaska—its sprawling landscapes, towering mountains, and vast wilderness—deserves to be experienced with utmost comfort and safety. Whether you’re journeying through the Last Frontier for sightseeing, work, or group transportation, having the right vehicle to rely on is crucial. This is where we come in.

Different Types of New and Used Buses for Sale

When it comes to buses, we believe in options. Whether you’re seeking a sleek coach bus to transport tourists to Alaska’s most famous landmarks, a compact shuttle bus for those quick city hops, or a sturdy transit and trolley bus for regular routes through towns, we will help you find the right option for your needs. Moreover, if it’s a school trip or an activity day you’re planning, our range of school buses and multi-function school activity buses are there to ensure everyone travels safely and in comfort.

Quality and Affordability in Every Ride

For over three decades, we’ve selected a collection of vehicles to fit every need and budget. We understand the importance of providing passengers a secure and enjoyable ride, all while ensuring that bus companies and organizations don’t break the bank. Our commitment is to offer an extensive selection, be it brand-new gleaming models or gently used buses, each meeting our high standards of quality.

Commitment Beyond the Sale

What sets us apart isn’t just our vast inventory; it’s the dedication we bring to every customer. From the moment you express interest to long after you drive away with your chosen bus, we’re here to assist. Our team of bus specialists and experienced mechanics ensure you’re driving a high quality and safe bus. For those in Alaska and beyond, we’re proud to offer delivery throughout the U.S. and even to Canada, Mexico, and Central America.

Reach out to us if you have any questions about the new and used buses we have for sale in Alaska.