Las Vegas Bus Sales is your one-stop destination for top-quality buses in the heart of Nevada. Whether you’re seeking the luxury of a coach bus or the utility of a school bus, we have it all.

Shuttle Buses for Sale in Las Vegas, Nevada

We feature a wide range of shuttle buses suitable for any transportation need. Brands like Starcraft, Ameritrans, Krystal, Startrans, Supreme, Eldorado, and Glaval are available in our extensive inventory, ensuring you find the shuttle bus perfectly suited for your requirements.

School Buses for Sale in Las Vegas, Nevada

For educational institutions and contractors, we offer reliable school buses from trusted brands like Bluebird and Thomas. Safety and reliability are paramount, and our selection is designed to offer just that.

Coach Buses for Sale in Las Vegas, Nevada

If luxury and comfort are your top priorities, explore our collection of coach buses. From the sophisticated MCI Coaches and Prevost to the elegant Vanhool, Setra, and Neoplan, you’ll discover a bus that provides both comfort and class.

Transit & Trolley Buses for Sale in Las Vegas, Nevada

Dive into our varied selection of transit and trolley buses. With names like Diamond, Turtle Top, Terra Transit, Goshen, Elkhart Coach, and Federal, you’re bound to find the ideal fit for your urban transportation needs.

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