With more and more people embracing life off of the grid, Las Vegas Bus Sales is proud to offer many new and used school buses for sale, perfect for DIY conversions. Commonly known as “schoolies,” we invite future rubber tramps to browse our wide selection of large and small school buses for sale in Las Vegas.

New and Used Schoolies (School Buses)

Most of our school buses are sold with the seats intact, with enough room for up to 44 passengers, depending on the size. In general, our school bus inventory contains both yellow and white vehicles with financing options available.

Tons of Living Space with School Bus Conversion

With life on the road, schoolie-dwellers can stretch out far and beyond the RV or van life alternatives. Our school buses have plenty of interior space for all living essentials.

Schoolies Offer Extra Long Roof Space

All of our school buses come with a ton of empty space on top of the vehicle which can be utilized to hold solar panels, add extra storage, or even establish a rooftop deck area.

Affordable Off-Grid Living with Your New School Bus Conversion

Our new and used schoolies are available at very affordable starting prices, making it very easy to take the leap to instant off-grid living.

Make your dream a reality with the right school bus!
Las Vegas Bus Sales has a rotating inventory of reliable school buses and other large passenger coach buses and other vehicles. Please feel free to browse our entire selection online, or, give us a call at 877-456-9804 for more information. We will be happy to help you find the perfect school bus for your immersive conversion project, we also carry a line of shuttle buses, charter buses and more!