Group of happy church passengers travelling by bus

A church does more than hold mass on Sundays. They throw raffles and charity events, hold scripture and religious study programs, go out into the world for volunteer work, and so much more! A church is a community of people constantly growing and taking on more opportunities to enhance the lives of its congregation.

Here are four ways your church could benefit from investing in a bus!

1) Get More People to Church

Whether you have older church attendees who have a hard time traveling or disabled members of your congregation that cannot drive, having a bus is the perfect way to ensure everyone in your congregation can make it to mass and church events. Regular bus pickup routes could be implemented to transport your members on time, bringing more people to church safely and consistently.

2) Create Awareness

The bus can get professionally wrapped or have graphics to advertise your church and its services. As the bus travels across town, the awareness of your faith community will begin to grow, drawing new people in.

3) Traveling

As mentioned previously, your church is not confined to its four walls. It branches out with service projects and events throughout the community, requiring people to travel and find their own transportation. A church bus would allow congregation members to ride together, allowing many more people to get involved when they otherwise might not have been able to find a ride.

4) Storage

Many churches don’t have as much space as they would like, which is where a bus could come in handy. From instruments and decorations to project materials, you could use a bus to store items you cannot fit inside your church. That extra storage space could be handy during the holidays or if you move or renovate your building!

The Las Vegas Bus Sales professionals can set up you and your church (or other religious organization) with the perfect bus to help you carry out your mission. From smaller shuttle buses to large coach buses, our inventory is filled with different types of new and used buses with varying capacities and features to fit your unique needs and budget.

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