Public Transportation Buses for Sale in Las Vegas, NVDespite the many advantages public transportation has to offer its riders, it doesn’t exactly have the cleanest reputation. It is, after all, difficult to keep up with cleaning and sanitizing over the course of a typical day when hundreds to thousands of passengers (and their germs) are getting on and off every few minutes.

In dealing with the current coronavirus pandemic, however, the public transportation industry and companies all throughout the country have stepped up with frequent and thorough cleaning and disinfecting measures. If you do need to use public transit as the pandemic continues, there are also a few extra steps you can take yourself to stay as safe and healthy as possible!

1) Purchase your ticket ahead of time.

Buying your ticket before you get to the bus, train, or subway station will significantly reduce your contact with station employees, the bus driver, and high-touch surfaces such as ticket machines and even cash payment. Get your ticket online or, if you know you’ll be using public transportation regularly, buy a metro card that you can replenish, reuse, and easily swipe for contactless bus entry. If you’re able to arrange your schedule to avoid travel during peak times, this will help protect you further.

2) Avoid sitting next to other passengers.

Health experts recommend that you keep a distance of six feet between you and nonmembers of your household to reduce the transmission of COVID-19. Try to maintain this distance as much as possible both on platforms and at stations while you wait for vehicles to arrive, and as you ride by choosing a seat away from other passengers. Once you choose a seat, stay there for the duration of your ride to minimize your contact with others. If you can, opt to use the rear door where fewer passengers are likely to exit and board as well.

3) Cover your face.

Many public transportation organizations are requiring passengers to wear facemasks as the virus continues to spread. But even if yours doesn’t, you should still follow this guideline to assure you’re protected. Wear a cloth mask, scarf, or other face covering over your nose and mouth to prevent yourself from inhaling any respiratory droplets from potentially-infected riders during your commute. This will also help protect others from any viruses or infections you may unknowingly be carrying.

4) Carry hand sanitizer and/or sanitary wipes.

Another way the coronavirus—and many other types of infections—spread is when you touch a contaminated surface, then touch the area near your mouth or nose and inhale the contaminants. Using hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes can help you kill germs until you’re able to wash your hands properly, as well as prevent you from coming into direct contact with high-touch surfaces. If you can, try to wipe your seat down before you sit and use wipes to hold poles, railings, and open any doors. If you have to touch a surface directly, use hand sanitizer liberally after.

5) Wash your hands after you’ve reached your destination.

Thoroughly washing your hands with warm water and soap is the most effective way to kill coronavirus germs and any other bacteria or microbes you may have picked up on public transportation. Once you’ve reached your final destination, head right for the sink to rid yourself of those potentially harmful pathogens. Make sure you do this before you touch anything at your new location (and your face especially!).

As one of the largest providers of new and used buses in the Northwest U.S., Las Vegas Bus Sales is committed to the safety of our customers. We have been and will continue providing the top-quality vehicles that public transportation organizations and private companies require to meet the needs of their passengers as efficiently and safely as possible.

Please contact us today to learn how we’re continuing to serve our customers during this time and enlist our help in finding a bus that’s right for you!