Public Transportation Buses for Sale in Las Vegas, NVTaking the bus to work, school, and other locations you frequent is a great way to save money, help the environment, and, often in big cities, get around faster. But for those who commute on the bus daily or several times a week, the experience can become mundane and annoying. Especially if you’re traveling for 30 minutes or more both ways (the average working commute), you’re going to need some supplies to get you through your journey.

We’re not talking about the obvious ones you already know though, such as your phone, wallet, or bus ticket. We’re talking about things that will make your commute more convenient and less monotonous. Check out our list of the top essential items for every bus commuter’s bag!

1) Portable Phone Charger

After your morning bus ride and 8 hours in the office, your phone battery is likely approaching its grave by the time your evening commute comes around. Even if you don’t use your phone at work, you never know when there might be a delay or you’ll forget to charge it overnight. The last thing you want is for your phone to die on the bus and take your entertainment and ability to communicate with others with it. A portable charger tucked away in your bag can prevent this from happening.

2) Headphones

Obviously, you’ll want to have headphones for your commute so you can keep yourself occupied with music, TV, or podcasts. But they’re also good to have to help block out chatter from other passengers and noisy traffic as you’re trying to unwind from the day—essentially a polite “do not disturb” sign. Wireless ear buds are a convenient commute option, but you should keep a corded backup pair in your bag just in case they die on you.

3) Hand Sanitizer

Although there are a lot of benefits to using public transportation, it admittedly doesn’t make for the cleanest commute. An easy way to avoid picking up any germs or bacteria is to have some hand sanitizer handy (no pun intended) to use in your defense! You should get in the habit of wiping down your seat before you sit in it, the pole in front of you to hold, and your hands before you touch your face or other items. Grab a convenient bag clip for a mini-sanitizer or a sanitizing spray to make the job even easier.

4) First-Aid Supplies

While you don’t need to hop on board with a paramedic bag, it’s good to have a few first-aid basics on hand in case something happens. Band-aids, ibuprofen or Advil, and pocket tissues will probably cover most of your needs. You never know when a headache might come on or a heel could be scraped on the move.

5) Snacks & Water

Hunger and thirst can strike at any time, without warning. To avoid getting cranky or drawing attention with your grumbling stomach, you should have a healthy snack packed away in your bag whenever you’re commuting. You’ll be especially grateful to have something if your bus ends up getting delayed. Water is, of course, also important to have access to so you can stay hydrated. Plus, if you have food and water with you already, you’re less likely to spend money at a bus station vending machine.

6) Travel Umbrella

One of the worst feelings for a bus commuter is getting on in the sunshine and then soon hearing the pitter patter of rain splashing against the window, knowing you’ll be soaking wet by the time you reach your destination. Especially if you have a long walk from the bus stop to your final destination, an umbrella is a must-have item. No matter where you are or what time it is, the weather can always be unpredictable. Invest in a compact umbrella you can throw in your bag and pull out on an unexpected rainy day.

The most important thing a commuter really needs is a bus they can trust to get them from point A to point B safely, comfortably, and efficiently. At Las Vegas Bus sales, we have a wide selection of vehicles to help public transportation companies do just that! Choose from a variety of different brands, makes, and models with various features from our new and used bus inventory. We guarantee you’ll find a vehicle to satisfy your business and, more importantly, your customers.

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