There are a number of bus manufacturers that are currently working on electric buses that will be able to travel for hundreds of miles at a time on a single charge. One of these companies is the Korean automaker Hyundai, which is planning on unveiling the Elec City bus in 2018.

The Elec City bus is going to be the very first mass-produced electric bus produced by Hyundai, and it sounds like it’s going to have some exciting features.

  • The Elec City bus will rely on a 256kWh battery pack that will allow for it to go for up to 180 miles before it needs to be recharged.

But what makes it even more exciting is that it will only take about one hour for the battery to recharge, which means that the bus will be able to get back on the road after running out of juice in no time.

Hyundai has been working on the Elec City bus for several years now as part of an initiative to increase the number of electric vehicles the company produces.

Originally, Hyundai was only able to squeeze about 90 miles out of the Elec City bus on a single charge, but the technology has improved so dramatically in recent years that engineers have been able to double the bus’s range.

It’s unclear if Hyundai will ever bring the bus to the United States, but if it does, it would certainly offer many towns and cities a great transit option.

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