We’re not the only ones saying or thinking it—buses are making a huge comeback in cities nation- and worldwide. In an era of rideshare and public transit woes, buses are once again being considered an integral part of any mass transit system by policymakers, transit advocates, and urban theorists alike, especially as urban centers’ growth rapidly shifts to areas not serviced by subways, or light rail.

Buses can get commuters from Point A to Point B easily, comfortably, and efficiently, and when both points are in routes that didn’t exist years ago, buses are the only affordable option out there. As a result, more cities are considering bus lanes than ever before.

Prioritized lanes are reserved for buses only and allow for rapid transit without the threat of congestion or double-parked cars.

Bus lanes usually operate in peak hours, are enforced by police, and exist alongside road shoulders, so people can know for sure that they’re getting to work or other occasions on time, and safety.

That’s been one of the major reasons that people have been turned off to buses: traffic. What’s the point of taking a bus when you could be stuck behind someone for an hour? But with more bus lanes, you’ll see a chain reaction—faster buses, meaning faster commutes, and more riders. That will all result in a return to buses that we haven’t seen in decades, and we at Las Vegas Bus Sales couldn’t be more excited.

Here at Las Vegas Bus Sales, we strive to provide the best buses on the market, that are reliable, long-lasting, and comfortable for all riders. That’s why we’re happy to play a key part in this bus renaissance, and stand ready to get people going with group travel that is more cost-effective and eco-friendly than other transit options in 2018.

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