History is comprised of previous events, including the places people went and how they got there. Transportation has come a long way, and vehicles dominate the museum scene with traditional and timeless vibes as people head to the sites of history to admire the classic vehicles and to reflect on their pasts.

Six retired 40-year old GMC New Look buses are nwo headed to museums across the Midwest and eastern United States.

Owned by Amtran, these “Fishbowl” buses are nicknamed for their curved, six-piece windshield.

Museums in Ohio, New York, Virginia, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania plan to preserve six of the buses, while the other three will be auctioned off in August. Amtran first bought the Fishbowls in 1968, adding to their fleet in the 1980s and early nineties. Sixteen more Fishbowls joined the family in 2001-2003 and nine of those 16 are the only remaining Fishbowls today.

Buses truly make their own unique mark on the past, whether used by famous people, featured as props in movies, revered for the occurrence of a historical event, or admired for their symbolism.

Many famous buses still spark interest today, including the bus where Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a white man, which led to the 1955 bus boycott in Montgomery, Alabama. London’s cherry red double-decker bus proves famous around the world as a symbol for England.

Buses famous in entertainment also hold their place in history. The buses used by famous groups like the Partridge Family or Willie Nelson, or the whimsical cartoon Magic School Bus contribute to our entertainment history. The movie Speed put a bus at the center of a heart-pumping action movie. Regardless of the underlying reason, buses throughout time represent us as a people, and now the Fishbowls will have their own effect on museum visitors around the nation.

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