If you’re a parent, child, teenager, college student, or teacher, August likely signifies one thing: the school year is back again! For drivers, that means that school buses will soon return to their streets and rush hour traffic will inevitably get busier.

While school bus laws differ state to state, there are a few things every driver should keep in mind when driving around school buses.

As a company who sells school buses, below are some tips on respecting a school buses role on the road.


 If you’re on a two-lane road and a school bus is in front of you, you’ll eventually see the red “STOP” sign extended when children are getting on or off the bus. This is a friendly reminder that as a driver, you must stop behind the bus while giving it some room. It’s incredibly important, particularly for the children’s safety that you don’t go around the bus. When driving behind a school bus you should be ready to stop.

Slow Down in School Zones

 Every driver should keep in mind that school speed zones reactivate when students return. That means that you’ll need to slow down when passing a school, especially in mornings or afternoons, when school buses are around and before or after school activities are taking place. Generally, the key is just to be alert: check your surroundings as children can walk unpredictably, and be weary of your speed.

Pay Attention to Crossing Guards

 Just as school buses return to our streets, so do crossing guards, who make sure the streets are safe for parents and children to cross. When driving near a school, it’s worth keeping in mind that the crossing guard is the authority there. So slow down, pay attention to the crossing guard, and respect the rules.

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