It’s safe to say that technology is resulting in a transit renaissance. From rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft to GPS-tracked transit arrival times, people are engaging their commutes and transit routes in an entirely different way now.

We can now expect more, and do more, with our modes of transport by having data available at our fingertips, even when it comes to school bus transportation.

One great example of how technology has changed travel is “SafeStop,” an app that allows parents to track school buses that their children are on. For so long, parents had virtually no idea where their children’s bus was, between school and home, or vice versa. Aside from a safety perspective, this barred parents from planning around bus pick-up and drop-off times; they had to be there until the bus showed up, or risk missing it, or arriving late which only resulted in inefficiency.

However, that ends today. Across the country, the SafeStop app is being adopted by school districts, who are encouraging parents to download it. According to reports, parents are thrilled—and not only that, but with the app, a bus’s state of repair and route is also monitored, leading to potential cost-savings. If a bus needs work, that’ll be clear, and if a bus is left idling, less time will be wasted now.

At Las Vegas Bus Sales, we love hearing stories of how tech is changing the way we engage with buses. That’s why we’re so excited to offer a diverse portfolio of buses; we believe that we’re entering a Golden Age of buses, where more municipalities and organizations, like school districts, will use this incredibly efficient, eco-friendly way of getting around in a smarter, faster way. We look forward to hearing—and sharing—more innovations like it.

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