With summer vacation over and buses hitting the roads again to shuttle kids back to school, here at Las Vegas Bus Sales we thought it might be a good idea to go over some safety tips for sharing the road with school buses.

Safety Starts With Preparedness

When you’re sharing the road with a school bus, you should always be prepared to make sudden stops and turns.

Make sure to give the bus plenty of space; increase your normal following distance significantly, and pay attention to the bus’s turn signals.

When you see a bus unload kids, take your time re-accelerating. Wait to make sure you know exactly where those kids are going before you drive away. You don’t want one of them to make a sudden turn into the street with your foot already on the gas pedal. Give the kids plenty of time to walk to where they need to be, and wait for the bus driver’s signal. The bus driver usually knows where the kids are supposed to be, so they’ll give them enough time to get there with the bus’s stoplights flashing before driving away.

School buses are required to come to a full stop at railroad tracks, so keep that in mind.

You should also remember that school buses tend to travel at slower speeds in the mornings and afternoons, since they’re usually packed with kids.

Keep in mind that the large size of a school bus gives you limited visibility around it.

Follow the bus’s lead: when the stop sign is out and the lights are flashing, stop, whether you are in front of the bus, or driving in opposing traffic.

If you’re at an intersection, it’s best to wait and let the bus make its move first before you drive on.

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