New and Used Shuttle Buses for SaleMany of today’s universities essentially function as cities of their own. Buildings are often spread out and expansions added over time so that campuses go on for miles and miles. Student populations number, on average, somewhere in the thousands, with larger colleges hosting more than tens of thousands. If you think of a college campus as a city, then the importance of a university transportation system becomes obvious. This is where shuttle buses can help.

A shuttle bus program is an excellent option for universities in need of on and off-campus transportation solutions. Take a look at some of the advantages an effective program can offer for your valued students and staff!

Student Safety

Shuttles provide college students with a safe and reliable way to travel around on and off campus. Without dependable transportation, it is difficult for students to participate in social activities and even some academic activities, or at least do so safely. For example, a shuttle program will make it easier for students to get to and from sports games, club meetings, special campus events, parties, and even late-night library study sessions. Finding a way to and home from these places on their own, especially after dark, can put students in unsafe situations. Plus, since they’re operated by trained and vetted drivers, shuttles are a more secure option than ride-sharing apps. This can be a comfort not just to students, but to their parents as well.

Efficient Commutes

On larger, or smaller but more widespread, campuses, it can be challenging for college students to get to classes safely and on time. Professors who teach classes in different buildings face the same problem. This lack of transportation issue may limit what classes they can take/teach and activities they can get involved in. In cases such as inclement weather or students with physical disabilities, getting to regular classes can even become impossible. A shuttle bus program can turn a stressful 30 minute-1 hour ordeal into a 10-15-minute commute. Students and staff will save time and effort without having to limit their college experience.

Reduce Parking Issues

One of the biggest obstacles colleges face today is insufficient parking. Student commuters and staff often spend 15-20 minutes just trying to find a parking spot, and then often end up having to walk another 15-20 minutes to their building on top of it. Not to mention, parking passes are not always affordable for many of the students struggling to handle collegiate expenses (tuition, books, room/board, dining, etc.) as it is. With a shuttle service, parking becomes more accessible because commuters can spread out further from campus without having to walk a mile to class. This will also help to reduce traffic congestion on and around campus, lowering the risk of accidents as well.

Off-Campus Access

A majority of college students who live on campus don’t have a car to help them get around. Many universities even have policies prohibiting students in dorms from having a car at school. This presents problems when they have needs that can’t be fulfilled on campus. This might include doctor’s appointments, grocery shopping, pharmacy trips, getting supplies for classes or dorm rooms, seeing friends and family, and attending school-sponsored activities off-campus, some of which are required for certain classes. A shuttle program not only solves this problem, but also shows students that you care about providing them with everything they need. With these worries eliminated, students can better focus on school and having an enriching college experience.

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