Young woman enjoying a road trip on converted bus

Mobile life on a converted bus or “skoolie” has become a more popular and common option for individuals, couples, and small families with every passing year. The allure and freedom of the open road is hard to deny—we’ve all fantasized about it one time or another!

While the reality of full-time bus living has both its advantages and disadvantages, many of those who try it quickly fall in love with their new, unconventional lifestyle—and here are the top reasons why!

The Freedom

Perhaps the most lauded and obvious advantage to skoolie life is the freedom to travel virtually wherever and whenever you want. When your house is on wheels, you don’t have to worry about finding and paying for a place to stay or the responsibilities that come with committing to one location. Living on a bus allows you the flexibility to see new places, people, and stay in one place as long as you’d like.

The New Experiences

The ability to travel so easily and often gives you and your family the opportunity to go on new adventures, learn about different cultures, meet new people, and explore new landscapes. You’ll have access to endless new, rich, and unique experiences that offer firsthand education about the world around you and help you grow as a person.

The Cost

Full-time bus life liberates you in a lot of different ways—and that extends to your finances as well. While the upfront cost of a bus conversion can be pretty hefty, once you’ve built the perfect skoolie to call home your regular costs are minimal. Aside from maintenance/repair and general living costs, you have a lot more freedom to spend money on the things you love and have always wanted to. No rent, no mortgage, and cheap utilities? Sign us up!

The Lifestyle

A converted bus is often considered a type of “tiny home” because of its limited space. Although this may seem like a drawback, many proponents of bus life find that being forced to eliminate clutter and unnecessary material belongings is freeing in its own right. When there’s less clutter in your space, there’s less clutter in your mind. This type of minimalist, simplistic lifestyle helps you appreciate and find more joy in what truly matters.

If all of these awesome advantages to full-time bus living have you dreaming of your own skoolie, Las Vegas Bus Sales can help you take the plunge! We have a wide variety of new and used buses to accommodate any budget and style, so you can create the perfect mobile home to fulfill your needs and desires.

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