Person in Vehicle Calling Emergency Services

It doesn’t matter what type of bus you are riding, a medical emergency could happen at any moment, and everyone needs to know how to respond if one occurs!

Here are a few helpful tips for properly responding to a medical emergency on bus transportation.

Alert the Bus Driver

When you realize that a medical emergency is taking place on a bus, the first thing you should do is let the bus driver know about it. This will give the bus driver a chance to pull over safely to address the situation. In some cases, bus drivers have some level of first aid training, but even if they can’t help with the emergency, pulling over will make it easy for paramedics to find the bus quickly.

Call 911 Right Away

Speaking of paramedics, the second thing you should do during a medical emergency on a bus is call 911. Figure out where you are to give a 911 operator your location, and then explain exactly what’s going on. The 911 operator can tell you how long you’ll need to wait for help to arrive. They can also give you advice on what to do next.

Ask If Anyone Has Medical Training

If there are dozens of other people on your bus, chances are at least one of them has some medical training. So, at some point, you should ask if there are any doctors, nurses, or other medical practitioners on your bus. At the very least, there will likely be someone who knows CPR, which could come in handy if the person who suffered the medical emergency stops breathing.

Provide First-Aid If Possible

If there isn’t anyone on the bus with medical training, you might not be able to provide the person going through the medical emergency with much assistance. Still, the 911 operator should be able to provide you with some basic first aid tips as far as what you should do to help the person. Listen carefully to the operator and do what you can to assist the person until paramedics make their way to the scene.

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