A wedding is a monumental occasion, and perhaps the most important event in one’s life. It is every bride and groom’s goal to have everything go according to plan, and for many that includes a plan for transporting guests to and from the venue.

Why stress the day? Trolley and transit buses are the ultimate wedding transportation, and here’s why. Trolley and Transit Buses Are Your Ultimate Wedding Transportation

Ample Space

Our trolleys can essentially fit entire wedding parties and immediate family members if need be. So you won’t have to choose what loved ones can come on board on that special day. Furthermore, our transit buses can seat up to 23 guests. If your guest list is larger, we can also provide you with an air-conditioned coach bus that can seat 40 people comfortably.

Vintage Style

Riding up to your reception in an old-school-looking trolley is something no guest will ever forget. Take your wedding for a trip down memory lane with our nostalgic trolleys, and ride in comfort. Your ride should look just as stylish as your tux or wedding dress!

Guaranteed Safety

Planned wedding transportation allows your guests to move freely between venues, from the wedding ceremony location to the reception hall, and from the reception hall to the parking lot.

Additionally, you won’t have to worry about guests drinking and driving. A designated driver will take the responsibility off you so you can enjoy your reception, your guests will be safe, and it’s one less thing you have to worry about.

If you’re planning a Las Vegas wedding or helping to plan a wedding for someone else, be sure to think of Las Vegas Bus Sales’ trolleys and transit buses as the stress-free choice for all of your wedding day needs!