New and Used School Buses for SaleBy the time September rolls around, school buses are a common daily sight for regular commuters. They’re also a daily part of life for millions of students across the country, their parents, and everyone in each school district working to keep them running. All of those people benefit from the school bus system, as does everyone in a community that uses school buses.

But beyond what part they may play in your regular routine, how much do you really know about school buses? Probably not a lot. Let’s fix that with a few fun facts about these amazing vehicles!

1) School buses are painted yellow so they can be more easily recognized.

While it’s not required, most school buses are yellow so they can be more readily seen by drivers, who will then know to drive more carefully, and pedestrians who may be waiting for the bus. The official name of this signature school bus color is “National School Bus Glossy Yellow.”

2) Some buses have white tops to keep the interior cooler.

As anyone who ever took the bus to school can attest, 20-30 kids packed together on one bus can generate a lot of heat. In an effort to combat this, the tops are often painted white, a color that reflects light and solar radiation. Studies have shown a white top will keep a bus an average of 10 degrees cooler in the summer, and only 3-4 degrees cooler in winter.

3) School buses don’t need seatbelts because safety is built into their design.

The safety design that school buses use is called “compartmentalization.” Standard features like high seat backs, seat proximity, and energy-absorbing foam work to minimize impact in the event of an accident and prevent injury.

4) Over 480,000 school buses run to transport children each day.

Combined, these buses are getting over 27 million children to and from school daily. This system significantly opens up access to education, reduces traffic, and benefits the environment by replacing cars on the road. If a child takes the bus to school from kindergarten through 12th grade, they’ll ride it approximately 4,600 times throughout their academic career.

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