Group of happy coworkers stand with raised arms at sunset mountain and enjoys sunset

With more people back in the office, companies feel that now is a great time to plan team outing activities after spending years interacting with each other through a screen. Team outings are fun ways to facilitate bonding among coworkers and reduce workplace stress. They are great at encouraging employee engagement and participation and help create a better workplace environment and a closely-knit team.

Here are a few creative company outing ideas that your employees will enjoy!

Escape Room

In recent years, escape rooms have become very popular. These rooms are usually based on a theme, but regardless of the room’s theme, your team will need to work together to solve riddles and find contextual clues that will enable them to get out of the room within a pre-set time limit. Introducing your team to escape games is a fun way to improve and enhance your group’s problem-solving skills, camaraderie, and teamwork.

Go Kart Racing

If your city has a go-kart track, take your team out for some races on it. Your team will learn something new and have fun at the same time. Go-kart races are a friendly form of competition and a great way of bonding team members. You can even give out prizes to the winners!

Scavenger Hunt

Get your team together, break them into groups, and send them out on a scavenger hunt across the city. Make clues in such a way that would require your team to work together. Also, choose a prize for the winners that everyone will want, for example, paid leaves or a vacation.

Cooking Class

Taking a cooking class with your coworkers is an amazing learning experience. No matter what kind of food you sign your team up to make, cooking with coworkers is great for team bonding, especially when coworkers share a prep station.


Hiking as a group is a great thing to do together, regardless of where you live. Whether a long trek through the woods or a paved path in a local park, hiking develops initiative and correspondence inside the group.

There are many reasons corporations should utilize bus rentals, and company outings are one of them! You need a reliable source of transportation to get you and your employees to and from outings safely and efficiently.

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