Catching a bus in the city of London isn’t terribly difficult right now, but it’s going to get even easier in the coming weeks and months. London Mayor Sadiq Khan wants to make the city’s buses as simple to use as the London Underground, the city’s subway system, so he has called on Transport for London to give the bus system a makeover.

Soon, individual bus lines in the eastern part of London will each get their own color and corresponding signage throughout the city. This will help those who use specific bus lines to tell which one is theirs at a glance. It will be done on a trial basis at first, using about 60 buses and seven routes in the Barkingside section of the city.

Mayor Khan spoke about the changes that are being made to the buses in early May and said that he wants to make it “as easy to navigate areas of London by bus as it is by Tube,” according to Design Week. He also emphasized that, by making the busing system simpler, he’s hoping that more people who both live in and visit London will consider using buses instead of other forms of transportation. It will hopefully cut down on the congestion in the city and reduce air pollution.

At this time, Barkingside is the only section of the city that will use the color-coded makeover for buses. But the plan is for the Hayes section of the city in western London to get the same makeover this summer. From there, city officials will take a closer look at how people respond to the colored buses and see if it’s worth implementing the makeover in other parts of London. It could eventually change the way people get around in London and transform the city’s entire transportation system.

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