It’s just about impossible to drive down the street today and not see a bunch of buses doing the same thing. Buses are used to take people to and from work in big cities. They’re also used to take kids to and from school. And buses have even become a popular way for people to travel from city to city. It’s more affordable to travel by bus than plane, and it’s more convenient to sit on a bus and have a driver take you somewhere than it is to drive yourself.

But while buses have become an important part of our society, you should remember that they have come a long way since they first started showing up on streets. Following is a quick evolution of the modern-day bus.

The Beginning School Bus to Shuttle Bus and Beyond: A Briefing in Bus Evolution

The very first buses started popping up back in the 1820s. However, the first buses didn’t look anything like the buses of today. In fact, many of them were actually pulled by horses, and they looked a whole lot like gigantic carriages. But it wouldn’t stay that way for long. By the 1830s, there were companies creating buses powered by steam that could transport people further distances. This made traveling by bus more convenient.

The Game Changer

Buses became more and more popular throughout the 1800s, but the big break for buses came in 1895 when the first motor-powered buses started showing up on the scene. This allowed for the growth of public bus companies, coach bus companies, and more. By putting engines into buses, companies could use buses to meet all kinds of transportation needs.

The School Bus Revolution

Another big event in the evolution of buses was the invention of the yellow school bus. These buses were created in the early 1900s to transport kids to their schools. It made school transportation way more affordable than ever before. And while school buses have obviously evolved quite a bit themselves over the last century, the idea behind them remains the same, and they are still in use in thousands of school districts in the U.S.

The Modern Day Bus

Today, there are all types of buses on the road. From charter buses and school buses to shuttle buses and trolley buses, you will see buses all over the place. Bus companies are pushing to make them safer and more eco-friendly than ever, and they are still one of the preferred ways to get around for many people.

Evolution to Revolution with Las Vegas Bus Sales

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