No, that wasn’t a typo. A Tokyo-based company is now offering luxury bus tours throughout the country for $1200 a pop.

And get this: that’s the economy package. A longer three day trip can cost you upwards of $2500. Granted, that price does include the cost of your meals and a stay in a hotel, but we suspect these expenses account for a pretty small portion of the total ticket price.

The passenger compartments of the buses are based on the first class sections of airplanes. With plush leather interiors, flat screen seatback TV’s and more legroom than you can shake a stick at, they do look pretty luxurious, but when your bus tour through the Japanese countryside costs as much as your plane ticket around the world, we can’t help but wonder if it’s all worth it.

The buses, which only accommodate 10 passengers at a time, might appeal to you if you’re the sort that doesn’t care for big tour groups. Of course, unless you have a few grand in disposable income lying around, your preference for small tour groups won’t matter much anyway.

In spite of the astronomic cost of tickets, the touring company is reporting a successful travel season this summer. Thus far, their largest demographic seems to be retirees.

You can get a taste of the Premium Cruiser experience in this promo video from the company’s website. Sit back and enjoy some of the finest natural beauty, overly attentive attendants, and wacky translations Japan has to offer. Also, is that coffee in a paper cup? Seems like they could’ve at least sprung for ceramic.