New and Used School Buses for Sale in Las Vegas, NVClassrooms these days look a lot different than they did even just a decade ago, thanks to advancements in technology. Chalk boards have been replaced with smart boards, workbooks with tablets, homework bins with online dropboxes, and much more. These innovations in accessible technology have done a lot to enhance the learning experience for students, as well as the teaching experiencing for instructors.

New technologies are going beyond just the classroom though. In fact, we’ve taken them all the way to the school bus! If you’re looking to take your school bus fleet to the next level, here are a few of the top technological features you should consider investing in:

1) WiFi

Internet access has quickly moved from a luxury to a necessity throughout much of the United States. Many schools and classes heavily integrate online homework assignments and supplemental learning into their lesson plans. Giving students access to WiFi on the bus gives them the opportunity to be productive and work on assignments. With some kids spending an hour or more traveling to and from school on the bus each day, this can make a significant difference in their progress—especially for those who do not have reliable internet access at home. Filters can be applied to bus WiFi systems to ensure safe and focused usage.

2) GPS System

GPS technology on school buses is beneficial for parents, students, fleet managers, and the drivers themselves. Parents and students can use an app to track the location of buses with GPS and help them ensure they catch the bus on time. For parents, knowing where their child’s bus is can provide peace of mind regarding their safety and whereabouts. Fleet managers and drivers can use GPS to plan safe, optimal routes and adjust planned routes in circumstances such as traffic congestion, road closures, or an accident.

3) Cameras

There are a lot of different ways cameras can be used to enhance your school bus fleet. For bus interiors, cameras can be set up to monitor driver and student behavior. This encourages students to follow the bus rules, resulting in less distraction for the driver. Fleet managers can also use cameras to ensure drivers are doing their jobs safely and properly. Interior cameras can also be forward-facing, sort of like a dash cam. These can be helpful in the event of an accident to determine liability.

Another useful camera for school buses is a stop-arm camera. This camera goes on the stop sign bus drivers use to signal other drivers to stop and allow students to exit safely. If a driver ignores the stop-arm, the camera will capture a photo of their license plate and they will be fined, a practice which encourages those sharing the road with buses to obey the rules.

4) Student ID Cards

A lot of schools are starting to implement the practice of students carrying ID cards or badges with microchips embedded in them. When a student gets on the bus, they scan their card, and then do the same when they exit. This allows parents and school administration to track where and when students get on and off the bus. Smart ID cards are another technology that can help provide parents, especially those with younger children, with peace of mind knowing their kids got on the bus and off at the right stop.

5) Telematics System

Telematics technology can be used on pretty much any vehicle, including school buses. A system is installed that connects to the vehicle’s electronic components and collects and sends data that can be used for diagnostic purposes. Telematics technology tracks things like bus location, start and stop events, engine status, fuel consumption, and current or anticipated maintenance needs.

With this data, it’ll be easier to ensure the buses in your fleet are safely operating by catching problems right as or before they happen. Tracked metrics can also be used to determine the efficiency of the vehicles and the routes they take, allowing you to make improvements to optimize your operation.

As you start making upgrades to your school bus fleet, you may find that some vehicles need to be replaced or that you don’t have enough to meet demand as it is. That’s where Las Vegas Bus Sales can help! Our new and used school buses for sale are in great shape and ready to be outfitted with the technology you need to take your fleet to the next level.

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